Residents, Blink Twice for Help; Strangest GI Bugs; Playlists for the OR

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After sixth-year neurosurgery resident John Andrews, MD, went viral for his exhausted demeanor, users asked him to blink twice if he needed help. Andrews claimed he felt "extremely well-rested" in a follow-up that concluded with two blinks.

The youngest presenter at this year's American Heart Association conference was , according to Radhika Rajgopal Singh, PhD: "Such an impressive presentation and yes, a future AHA member for sure!"

Most health professionals have visited this "epic" destination, @CPark_MD.

These colonoscopy findings are generating quite a buzz: gastroenterologist @socalgastrodoc shares two odd cases revealing and .

"How can this happen?" Neurosurgeon @ladyspinedoc the Kowalski family's legal victory against Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

"Today I experienced discrimination and ableism from my medical school, resulting in me being denied the chance to sit my exam ... all because I turned up to the exam in a wheelchair," U.K. medical student @alexandra_DBmed, sparking a thread about support for students and healthcare workers who are disabled.

Psychiatry resident @JakeGoodmanMD shares the release of a new children's book that aims to about mental health stigma.

What music would you play during a 4-hour surgery? Ophthalmologist @DGlaucomflecken his followers.

Michael Mina, MD, PhD, shares an educational thread discussing the advantages of the new for newborns.

Nurse anesthetist @MsDoubleG83 figured out a to get some alone time while on the clock.

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